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PVC Pallet for Block Machinery

PVC Pallet for Concrete Block Machinery. With 3-roller forming technology and most advanced production in China, we have developed the new-generation tough composite material-PVC pallet. It has the following features: high density, high strength, impact resistance, corrosiveness resistance. After repeated testing, PVC pallet has become the reliable pallets for clients. It has successfully solved the problem of water absorption and short life of bamboo pallet.

Thickness: 3-50mm
Width: custom-made
Length: custom-made

Technical Parameters:

Item Parameters
Density 1800kg/m3
Bending ≥70 N/mm²
Impact Strength ≥60 KJ/m² 
Absorption ≤14% 
Pressure Intensity ≥40Mpa
Heat Resistance 160℃ 
Abrasion Resistance ≤0.04g/100r 
Service Life More than 6 Years